Tip of the Week: Weight Loss

Fruits and vegetables

What is your best weight loss tip?

Tell the readers what helped you lose weight. It can just be a simple tip or you can further describe how you personally used your tip to lose weight.

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  1. My best weight loss tip is to learn to eat fruits and vegetables. Just like the picture shows make them the main part of your diet.

  2. You take in a lot of calories through what you drink. Stick with water but when you need a break from water look for a low calorie drink that tastes good. I tried low calorie Gatorade and it wasn’t too bad.

  3. Exercising is really good. I find that when I maintain a healthy diet and add 30 minutes of a moderate workout each day, that I’m able to keep my weight in the range I want it to be. But I’m not the best person to give advice right now. I’ve averaged a gain of a pound a week the last month. :)

  4. I think it helps to have someone to report to. I do a lot better when my work does their fitness challenge because I have to send an email each week reporting if I met my goals or not. I’m also motivated by the awards they offer. Even without rewards, just knowing you will have to tell someone that you were lazy all week or ate a ton extra makes you think twice about it.

    • I agree with you on this. When I was reporting my weight loss or gain on the blog that kept me very motivated. It would have been so embarrassing to have put weight on each week.

  5. Interesting article so Thanks for your clear explanation. Hope I can do better next time based on your suggestion.

  6. Bag the midnight snacks. You don’t burn as many calories when you sleep so its a good idea to stop eating about an hour before you go to bed. If you need something, have a glass of water. This makes you hungry for a good breakfast in the morning that will keep you going through the day.

  7. Engaged in yoga and you’ll be slim and beautiful….

  8. Quit eating ANY meat, sea food is OK, milk products are OK. Just let go of meat. You can get all the protein you need from beans, all kind of nuts.

  9. Burn more calories than you eat.

    A “fitbit” will give you the info you need about calories.

  10. Relationships says

    Balance. Can’t stress it enough. I didn’t use to have weight problems, then I went through a small patch (of about 7 years) where I was a sloth.

    Before that I had never considered a diet. The first time I tried, I went hell for leather, exercising, eating like a rabbit, no alcohol…I nearly went insane after about eight weeks and gave up.

    Then I got engaged, so I had a great reason to pound the pavement. Four crazy months of getting fit, then we went on our honeymoon, and I gave up again after that.

    The last time I decided to lose weight, I didn’t go bananas trying to do it all at once. I set a three month goal, but more importantly I set a higher 12 month goal. I made it ok for me to take that long to reach that ultimate goal, which was good because it was realistic. It meant I could workout only twice per week (and walk the dog) watch what I eat, still enjoy a glass or two of red on the weekend, and it’s made the whole process SO much easier. The weight is slowly coming off, I’m on target, and I still feel like a human being. It’s created a lifestyle change, not a diet, because its sustainable.

  11. I use the old tactic of putting my fork down in between bites and also taking a drink of water with each bite. It has worked for me very well because I can’t just shovel it in mindlessly if I’m concentrating on remembering to do this. It’s quite annoying for the first week or so, but then so is not being able to fit into any of my clothes in the closet that I like. I also use a diet solution program as well and it works, albeit slowly, but that’s how the weight came on as well.

  12. My best weight loss tip would be to try and find some form of exercise that you enjoy doing! theres so much more than just running on a treadmill and if you actually enjoy doing it then you are much more likely to keep it up.

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