A Fishstick Fable

In a previous post I showed how to make cheese and pickled onion sandwiches. Today I tell a story of a fishstick feast last week that almost ran aground. It began with a bag of Trident Seafoods Ultimate Fish Sticks made with whole fillets of wild Alaskan pollock — just makes your mouth water, does it not? As is my custom, I took four of these frozen fishsticks and began micro-waving them for 3 minutes exactly. I was looking forward to my tasty meal and watched the micro-waves gently warm my morsels. With 1 minute and 40 seconds left, I had time for a last minute errand to the other room. After I left for just a moment, Andrew pushed the add one minute button to the recipe.

When I returned I averted a nasty shipwreck by spotting the errant time and correcting it. Forward to the preparation. One slice of buttered wheat bread with two steaming fishsticks on one half of the slice with a hint of tartar sauce per stick. Fold over and repeat with the second pair of fishsticks.

Gobble the whole thing down before Andrew can cause any more grief. I think the most satisfying part of the meal is how little effort it takes to prepare once the process is perfected. Today I ate fishsticks again but I had to stand guard over the micro-wave lest Andrew should appear again to warp time on my meal. Another very positive aspect of the whole meal is that I get to eat most of the bag of fishsticks because no-one else can stomach them.


  1. Have you always liked fishsticks? Yes.
  2. How many fishsticks are in a bag? 60.
  3. Who is Andrew? He is not my child, he lives next door.
  4. Is this an advertisement for Trident? No, why do you ask?
  5. You called your story a fable. Did it really happen? Yes, though I took the photographs later.
  6. Do you like any other fish? Yes, kippered snacks. I will probably do on post about them.
  7. Why are you called Rickety? Because I’m Rick and old.
  8. Who wrote this post for you? I wrote it myself you cheeky brat.


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