The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), commonly called “The Bailout”, is a program of the U.S. government to purchase assets and equity from financial institutions to address the subprime mortgage crisis. As of October 2010 $551 billion, has been spent on 836 companies and 13 programs. $80 billion was spent in the non-financial sector, with money going to auto companies such as GM.

Of the $245 billion invested in U.S. banks, $207 billion has been paid back as of October 2010. In addition, $39 billion in interest has been paid. There is still $305 billion outstanding, 55.3% of the total. See Pro Publica for the latest State of the Bailout.

The purpose of the table below is for citizens to see which of their representatives and senators voted for the bailout. Only those who voted Aye are listed. For the majority of voters who were opposed to the bailout, this is an opportunity to communicate to their elected officials how they feel via the ballot box.

In the Update column I track when the politician leaves office, by choice or otherwise. Their names are then crossed out, good riddance. All columns are sortable, let me know of corrections and updates. Note that many of the politicians marked as Resigned took up posts within the Obama administration. Table last updated 8 November 2010.

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Politician Party State Body Update
Abercrombie, Neil D HI House Resigned, replaced by Djou, a Republican. Djou defeated by Hanabusa, a Democrat, in 2010
Ackerman, Gary D NY House
Akaka, Daniel D HI Senate
Alexander, Rodney R LA House
Alexander, Lamar R TN Senate
Allen, Tom D ME House Retired
Andrews, Rob D NJ House
Arcuri, Mike D NY House Defeated by Hanna, a Republican, in 2010
Baca, Joe D CA House
Bachus, Spencer R AL House
Baird, Brian D WA House
Baldwin D WI House
Barrett R SC House
Baucus D MT Senate
Bayh D IN Senate
Bean D IL House
Bennett R UT Senate Defeated in state convention
Berkley D NV House
Berman D CA House
Berry D AR House
Biden D DE Senate Resigned
Biggert R IL House
Bingaman D NM Senate
Bishop D GA House
Bishop D NY House
Blunt R MO House
Boehner R OH House
Bond R MO Senate
Bonner R AL House
Bono Mack R CA House
Boozman R AR House
Boren D OK House
Boswell D IA House
Boucher D VA House
Boustany R LA House
Boxer D CA Senate
Boyd D FL House Defeated by Southerland, a Republican, in 2010
Brady D PA House
Brady R TX House
Braley D IA House
Brown R SC House
Brown D OH Senate
Brown, Corrine D FL House
Buchanan R FL House
Burr R NC Senate
Byrd D WV Senate
Calvert R CA House
Camp R MI House
Campbell R CA House
Cannon R UT House Defeated in primary
Cantor R VA House
Capps D CA House
Capuano D MA House
Cardin D MD Senate
Cardoza D CA House
Carnahan D MO House
Carper D DE Senate
Carson D IN House
Casey D PA Senate
Castle R DE House
Chambliss R GA Senate
Clarke D NY House
Cleaver D MO House
Clinton D NY Senate
Clyburn D SC House
Coble R NC House
Coburn R OK Senate
Cohen D TN House
Cole R OK House
Coleman R MN Senate Defeated in 2008, replaced by Franken, a Democratic-Farmer-Labor
Collins R ME Senate
Conaway R TX House
Conrad D ND Senate
Cooper D TN House
Corker R TN Senate
Cornyn R TX Senate
Costa D CA House
Craig R ID Senate
Cramer D AL House Retired, replaced by Griffith, a Republican
Crenshaw R FL House
Crowley D NY House
Cubin R WY House Retired
Cuellar D TX House
Cummings D MD House
Davis D AL House
Davis D CA House
Davis D IL House
Davis, Tom R VA House Retired
DeGette D CO House
DeLauro D CT House
Dent R PA House
Dicks D WA House
Dingell D MI House
Dodd D CT Senate
Domenici R NM Senate
Donnelly D IN House
Doyle D PA House
Dreier R CA House
Durbin D IL Senate
Edwards D MD House
Edwards D TX House Defearted by Flores, a Republican, in 2010
Ehlers R MI House
Ellison D MN House
Ellsworth D IN House
Emanuel D IL House Resigned, replaced by Quigley, a Democrat
Emerson R MO House
Engel D NY House
Ensign R NV Senate
Eshoo D CA House
Etheridge D NC House
Everett R AL House Retired, replaced by Bright, a Democrat. Bright defeated by Roby, a Republican, in 2010
Fallin R OK House
Farr D CA House
Fattah D PA House
Feinstein D CA Senate
Ferguson R NJ House Retired
Fossella R NY House Retired
Foster D IL House Defeated by Hultgren, a Republican, in 2010
Frank D MA House
Frelinghuysen R NJ House
Gerlach R PA House
Giffords D AZ House
Gilchrest R MD House Defeated in primary
Gonzalez D TX House
Gordon D TN House
Graham R SC Senate
Granger R TX House
Grassley R IA Senate
Green D TX House
Gregg R NH Senate
Gutierrez D IL House
Hagel R NE Senate
Hall D NY House Defeated by Hayworth, a Republican, in 2010
Hare D IL House Defeated by Schilling, a Republican, in 2010
Harkin D IA Senate
Harman D CA House
Hastings D FL House
Hatch R UT Senate
Herger R CA House
Higgins D NY House
Hinojosa D TX House
Hirono D HI House
Hobson R OH House Retired
Hoekstra R MI House
Holt D NJ House
Honda D CA House
Hooley D OR House Retired
Hoyer D MD House
Hutchison R TX Senate
Inglis R SC House
Inouye D HI Senate
Isakson R GA Senate
Israel D NY House
Jackson D IL House
Jackson-Lee D TX House
Johnson, E. B. D TX House
Kanjorski D PA House Defeated by Barletta, a Republican, in 2010
Kennedy D RI House
Kerry D MA Senate
Kildee D MI House
Kilpatrick D MI House
Kind D WI House
King R NY House
Kirk R IL House
Klein D FL House Defeated by West, a Republican, in 2010
Kline R MN House
Klobuchar D MN Senate
Knollenberg R MI House Defeated in 2008
Kohl D WI Senate
Kuhl R NY House Defeated in 2008
Kyl R AZ Senate
LaHood R IL House Retired
Langevin D RI House
Larsen D WA House
Larson D CT House
Lautenberg D NJ Senate
Leahy D VT Senate
Lee D CA House
Levin D MI House
Levin D MI Senate
Lewis R CA House
Lewis D GA House
Lewis R KY House Retired
Lieberman ID CT Senate
Lincoln D AR Senate
Loebsack D IA House
Lofgren, Zoe D CA House
Lowey D NY House
Lugar R IN Senate
Lungren, Daniel E. R CA House
Mahoney D FL House Defeated in 2008
Maloney D NY House
Markey D MA House
Marshall D GA House Defeated by Scott, a Republican, in 2010
Martinez R FL Senate
Matsui D CA House
McCain R AZ Senate
McCarthy D NY House
McCaskill D MO Senate
McCollum D MN House
McConnell R KY Senate
McCrery R LA House Retired
McGovern D MA House
McHugh R NY House Resigned, replaced by Owens, A Democrat
McKeon R CA House
McNerney D CA House
McNulty D NY House Retired
Meek D FL House
Meeks D NY House
Melancon D LA House
Menendez D NJ Senate
Mikulski D MD Senate
Miller D NC House
Miller, Gary R CA House
Miller, George D CA House
Mitchell D AZ House Defeated by Schweikert, a Republican, in 2010
Mollohan D WV House Defeated in primary
Moore D KS House
Moore D WI House
Moran D VA House
Murkowski R AK Senate
Murphy D CT House
Murphy, Patrick D PA House Defeated by Fitzpatrick, a Republican, in 2010
Murray D WA Senate
Murtha D PA House Died
Myrick R NC House
Nadler D NY House
Neal D MA House
Nelson D NE Senate
Obama D IL Senate Resigned
Oberstar D MN House
Obey D WI House Retiring, replaced by Julie Lassa, a Democrat
Olver D MA House
Ortiz D TX House
Pallone D NJ House
Pascrell D NJ House
Pastor D AZ House
Pelosi D CA House
Perlmutter D CO House
Peterson R PA House Retired
Pickering R MS House Retired
Pomeroy D ND House Defeated by Berg, a Republican, in 2010
Porter R NV House Defeated in 2008
Price D NC House
Pryce R OH House Retired
Pryor D AR Senate
Putnam R FL House
Radanovich R CA House
Rahall D WV House
Ramstad R MN House Retired
Rangel D NY House
Reed D RI Senate
Regula R OH House Retired
Reid D NV Senate
Reyes D TX House
Reynolds R NY House Retired
Richardson D CA House
Rockefeller D WV Senate
Rogers R AL House
Rogers R KY House
Ros-Lehtinen R FL House
Ross D AR House
Ruppersberger D MD House
Rush D IL House
Ryan D OH House
Ryan R WI House
Salazar D CO Senate
Sarbanes D MD House
Saxton R NJ House Retired
Schakowsky D IL House
Schiff D CA House
Schmidt R OH House
Schumer D NY Senate
Schwartz D PA House
Scott D GA House
Sessions R TX House
Sestak D PA House
Shadegg R AZ House
Shays R CT House Defeated in 2008
Shuster R PA House
Simpson R ID House
Sires D NJ House
Skelton D MO House Defeated by Hartzler, a Republican, in 2010
Slaughter D NY House
Smith R TX House
Smith D WA House
Smith R OR Senate Defeated in 2008
Snowe R ME Senate
Snyder D AR House
Solis D CA House Resigned, replaced by Judy Chu, a Democrat
Souder R IN House Resigned
Space D OH House Defeated by Gibbs, a Republican, in 2010
Specter R PA Senate
Speier D CA House
Spratt D SC House Defeated by Mulvaney, a Republican, in 2010
Stevens R AK Senate Defeated in 2008, replaced by Mark Begich, a Democrat
Sullivan R OK House
Sununu R NH Senate Defeated in 2008, replaced by Jeanne Shaheen, a Democrat
Sutton D OH House
Tancredo R CO House Retired
Tanner D TN House
Tauscher D CA House Resigned, replaced by John Garamendi, a Democrat
Terry R NE House
Thompson D CA House
Thornberry R TX House
Thune R SD Senate
Tiberi R OH House
Tierney D MA House
Towns D NY House
Tsongas D MA House
Upton R MI House
Van Hollen D MD House
Velazquez D NY House
Voinovich R OH Senate
Walden R OR House
Walsh R NY House Retired
Wamp R TN House
Warner R VA Senate
Wasserman Schultz D FL House
Waters D CA House
Watson D CA House
Watt D NC House
Waxman D CA House
Webb D VA Senate
Weiner D NY House
Welch D VT House
Weldon R FL House Retired
Weller R IL House Retired
Wexler D FL House Resigned, replaced by Ted Deutch, a Democrat
Whitehouse D RI Senate
Wilson R NM House Retired
Wilson D OH House
Wilson R SC House
Wolf R VA House
Woolsey D CA House
Wu D OR House
Yarmuth D KY House

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