Jake’s Missionary Meeting

I had a companion who didn’t want to work and wanted to sleep in. I hadn’t learned how to tell people they are wrong. So I kicked a soccer ball against the wall by his bed to wake him up.

Missionary Jake Returns

Today Jake was returning from Mexico after two years. We all climbed into our rickety old van and went to the airport to greet him. Parents and siblings were all there along with an aunt and cousin. It is indeed a happy day.

Mission Reflexiones: Comienzos

I remember calmly opening the envelope with the cameras rolling and reading the letter that extended my call to serve in the Mexico, Mexico City North Mission.

Missionary Jake – Part 10 of 10

We are also going to baptize a young couple and another small family in the coming weeks. Sometimes we are so tired from climbing all of the department buildings knocking on doors and talking with everyone that we hardly even sleep from the fatigue.

Missionary Jake – Part 9 of 10

This month should be records for the mission, the zone, and for my personal mission. Every day we seek to magnify better our calling of establishing the Kingdom by baptizing more and more.

Missionary Jake – Part 8 of 10

This week we found two great families. The mom of one family said “I’ve been praying to know which church is the true church.” I said something like “Perfect, we have an answer.” She will be baptized in two weeks along with two of her five children and her mother.

Missionary Jake – Part 7 of 10

We are still the best zone in the mission. The president is really proud of our work. In November we are going to break another record. There are two wards in my area. One ward is really strong and the other ward is a little weak. We are working hard to keep the attendance high with lots of new converts.

Missionary Jake – Part 6 of 10

Our mission broke a record of baptisms in the mission (500 something). Our zone broke the record of baptisms in a zone (101). This month we are going to break it again (120). We have a great zone leader with true vision and faith. The rest of the zones have a hard time with 30 baptisms.

Missionary Jake – Part 5 of 10

Almost of my converts are active. As a mission we have about 70-80% retention. The church as a whole is growing fast, and it depends a lot on Mexico and Brazil for its growth. he ward that I am in was a branch the previous year and now they are going to divide the ward.