Paul on Politics: Silly Sophistry of Consensus

My guest writer today is my uncle Paul. Notion of Consensus Today’s conventional wisdom touts consensus as the ideal for a congress or legislators to seek. However, conventional wisdom isn’t always right or wise, nor is consensus necessarily a noble goal. Consider this: Consensus means average. Do you want our ambitions to be just average? […]

Paul on Politics: Market versus Government Economy

Government distorts the market My guest writer today on the Rickety blog is my uncle Paul. Your comments are welcome. A Productive Economy Money for services and service jobs arises out of a productive economy — not vice versa. Moreover, service jobs are useful to the economy only if the service furnishes increased value to […]

Paul on Politics: How to Reduce the Federal Deficit

How to reduce the Federal deficit? Lopping off a percentage across the board is one strategy and used most of the time. I don’t prefer that type of approach because it may reduce programs that are performing for us.