Google Reader To Liferea

Google Reader to Liferea, originally posted here on Rickety, has been moved to a new blog called Less Google.


  1. Gwendolyn Boucher says:

    Well, I suppose that the time had to come when anything on the internet has to show a profit. I don’t object to paying for what I use, but I do find it offensive that they share private information so indiscriminately.

    I don’t choose to take it very seriously, but since I left Islam, certain people in the church say I could be in danger from radical Muslims. Among certain groups, you just don’t become “Inactive” and walk away. According to certain Muslims, the next time they see me they are to kill me.

    So, this indiscriminate spreading of things that while not secret, are private could be quite harmful to some. In the US, this sharing of private information may not be so dangerous, but I know for a fact that in many Middle Eastern countries, it is a death sentence.

  2. Gwendolyn Boucher says:

    I wonder how it can be legal to divulge all that information? It bothers me that when I fill out an internet form to buy something, Google is right there looking over my shoulder being nausiatingly helpful. And, it is really unsettling when it asks which of your three emails you’d like to use, and two of them are secret.

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