Smokin’ Guns Banks: Greenhill Lake

Occasionally my family plays Smokin’ Guns. This series of posts helps new players find the banks.

Smokin’ Guns Bank Robbery Mode

In the bank robbery mode you either rob one of the safes of the money, by using the provided dynamite, or you have to defend them. Another way to win, that pays less money, is to kill all of the opposing players. If the robbing team wins the round, then the two teams swap sides, which means the outlaws take a turn defending the bank.

Bank Location: Cabin

I have only found one cache of cash so far. The cabin can be entered through the ground floor door or through the roof. On entering the door, turn to your left and use the ladder to descend to the basement. The roof entrance also takes you to the basement, using the same ladder. The money is on the other side of the bars, in a corner. The barred door is hard to unlock, at least for me.

Alternatively you can use the cabin tunnel.
Greenhill Lake Cabin Door
Greenhill Lake Cabin Roof
Greenhill Lake Cabin First Floor
Greenhill Lake Cabin Basement
Greenhill Lake Cabin Money

Bank Location: Cabin Tunnel

Find the bushes that hide the tunnel entrance. Descend the ladder and move along briskly through the tunnel. Blow a hole in the wall to enter the cabin basement.
Greenhill Lake Bushes
Greenhill Lake Tunnel Entrance
Greenhill Lake Tunnel Wall

Smokin’ Guns Bank Robbery Maps

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Cobber Canyon
Coyote Bluff
El Paso
Greenhill Lake
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No Name City
Santa Cruz
Santa Fe Express

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